Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tarifa, Spain

Yan and I spent the last couple days rounding around Malaga, Granada, and Sevilla. Today, we're on our way to Tarifa and in a couple hours from now we'll hopefully be on our way by ferry to Morocco. So I'll be entering Africa for the 2nd time!

The ferry will take us to Tangier, and from there we'll take the train to Fez. We are planning to spend a night in Fez and then tomorrow we will head to Marrakech. That city is our final destination and from there we have a flight booked on the 1st back to Barc.

My flight from Barc to Buenos Aires is on the 2nd at around 5pm.

We've had fun running through southern Spain although it's been pretty fast. We've seen quite a few tapas bars and seen some excellent Spanish architecture.


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