Thursday, May 29, 2008

Car news

I have been debating where I should go to get an oil change for my vehicle for a while now. I couldn't make a solid decision between driving really far to a dealer after setting up an appointment a week in advance or going to the nearby Jiffy Lube or going to a garage.

Well yesterday I decided to make the leap and do the oil & oil filter change myself.

I completed that today after downloading a step by step how-to guide that another fellow Subaru Legacy owner had written up.

For the last couple of years I've been meaning to get to know how to maintain cars better than I used to. I can fix almost anything related to computers if I want to so I figured why not? Also, since most people feel that many people in the auto services industry are a bunch of scammers, it would probably be a good investment financially as well.

Autozone is having a sale on their Mobile 1 Synthetic oil + oil filter so I picked those up for $25 and completed the job in about an hour. It took me longer to find a store that had the gasket (washer) I needed when I retightened the drain bolt. I didn't even need to raise the car up, which was excellent because that meant there was no real safety risk.

I've been debating whether I should flush the radiator fluid and the transmission fluid before I leave, but right now I'm leaning towards no, so it probably won't get done unless someone changes my mind.

I ordered a Covercraft Evolution fitted car cover a couple of weeks ago and it arrived a couple days ago, so after I wash my car on Saturday I'm going to park it in its final spot and disconnect the battery, then put the car cover on it and lock it down for the year.


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