Thursday, June 5, 2008

I wish I was a baller so I could eat chinese food

By talking to many people in my hostel, I've found out that most of the people here are students and other people who are traveling in this cost efficient manner to save money. Not really by choice but they're all pretty young in their careers and so they haven't saved a ton of money. They'd much rather use it on an activity or plane fare to a new country.

There's another group of people who live here semi permanently working at the hostel (cleaning or managing) and living here for free. They literally only pay for food and personal supplies and daytime activities.

It's been fun for me for the last couple days doing the same thing. Only eating food I put together in the kitchen and splurging on wendy's (yeah I said it) once a week. It's also healthier seemingly.

Shhhhhhhh Nobody knows I bought a business class plane ticket. It'll be our little secret.

But tonight I decided to splurge and I just finished a bowl of pho for 9 nzd. It was good, even though it did not taste like it would in the states.

Why did I not eat Chinese instead? Because the Chinese restauranr next door sells orange chicken for 18 nzd. Apparently you have to be a brain surgeon to eat chinese here on a regular basis. I'm not too surprised though, it was like that in London too. I couldn't convince myself that it was ok to pay 18 for orange chicken. :)


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