Friday, June 20, 2008

Some noteworthy pictures

Since I've been finally able to upload most of my pictures from the trip, I can give you guys some brief descriptions of pictures that I've taken. So we'll start the beginning:

This is the seat control in business class on my Qantas flight. It took me a good 3 minutes to figure what the hell each button did.

This is the typical hostel room. This is the first hostel I checked into when I got into NZ.

This is a good picture of the crater that was created on top of Mt. Eden when the volcano collapsed on itself.
You can see more Mt. Eden pictures here.

Is this not the biggest sticky rice wrap dim sum you've ever seen in your life? It cost about $5.50 NZD.

These are the cool people that I hung out with on the 3rd day of Auckland.

From left to right: Simon (UK), Jill (Canada), Maxi (Germany), Kristina (Canada)
For more pictures from that night, click here.


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