Thursday, August 28, 2008

Headed to Bangkok

I'm headed to Bangkok today, a couple days before I get on a plane to Seoul. The reason being because I changed my flights, and because my plane tickets are paper, I need to head to the Japan airlines desk at Bangkok airport to ask them to rewrite my ticket for me.

The ticket takes a day or 2 to complete by hand, so I have to go tomorrow and ask them to start it and then pick it up before my flight on the 1st.

The reason why I head to Japan airlines is because it's the partner of AA that serves this area.

Today's travel was $35 and included a 3.5 hour trip on a passenger ferry to Chumphon pier and then an 8.5 hour double decker bus ride to Bangkok.

I'm traveling with a friend I met at Cookie's bungalow (where I stayed for the last 12 days)


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