Thursday, August 28, 2008

I cut the cord for a while

Just to see what it would feel like. Since I was staying at a semi remote quiet place and not doing very much everyday, I figured why not go for it.

It was interesting. In one way it was nice not to have to think about real life at all. Other times I wanted to write something I was thinking about on my blog but didn't or couldn't. It was also nice not to have to carry around my camera and my phone everywhere I went. I went swimming in the ocean at a different beach almost everyday so having to carry or worry about electronics while I was swimming/snorkeling would have been a bit of a pain.

After about 3-4 days I really wanted to write on my blog again and wanted to do something other than veg though. I think that's a healthy sign. Maybe I'm not such a lardass after all. Hehe
I'm back


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