Sunday, November 23, 2008

I hate not doing my own laundry

I did a load of laundry when I was in Kunming at a place in an alley nearby Katja's apartment and I discovered when picking it up that I was missing a pair of socks. I can't tell whether that specific place misplaced it or if I lost it at some other laundry place I had to drop off my stuff at.

The pair of socks I'm missing though is one of my quick drying, multi purpose, comfortable pairs that I bought at REI in Seattle. They were $21 and so not a cheap buy. I brought 3 pairs of these. Another pair has a small hole in them that I know didn't form as a result of regular use.

I also noticed today when I put on my light blue GAP shirt that it was stretched out so much it didn't fit the same anymore. This is a stretch fit shirt with a little bit of spandex in it so there's no excuse unless the place seriously screwed up something and just pulled it taught for hours. This one ticked me off because it was one of my 3 shirts that fit me well. It looks like I will have to replace a couple of my shirts soon.

The other thing I don't like about not being able to do my own is that I don't know what kind of chemicals and how much they are using to clean. Since I have sensitive skin this is important to me.

Why have someone else do it then you ask? I have found several locations so far where I have had to check in the clothes because I don't have the option of cleaning them myself unless I feel like buying more handwash laundry detergent somewhere.

Thailand was the first place I found. All over the country. They just don't have laundromats. Then in Korea I had to handwash in the sink myself once because I couldn't even give my laundry to anybody. You might remember that blogpost. Then in Hong Kong and now in SW China.


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