Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's up babe

Dennis and I were getting in a subway car the other day and on the way in he said "what's up babe?" to the chinese girl standing at the door that wouldn't move.

It was totally funny even though it shouldn't be because she didn't understand nor did she even know Dennis was talking to her. She didn't even flinch or look over at him or anything. Just pure lost in translation.

It was funny because it just reminded me of how foreign I am to the world here even though we all look similar and the city around us looks similar to the world at home (in a general sense).

After that he was cussing on the train like a real irishman and but nobody cared.

Last night with Yan, I went into a small store and asked for a beer in English, they charged me 50 cents. Yan went into a store and they gave her 2 for 70 cents. Haha


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