Thursday, January 29, 2009


That's what Granada means in Spanish. I'm not sure what the history of the name is yet though. We found a large fountain while walking through the city that had a couple of big pomegranites that were half cracked open in the architecture of the fountain.

I didn't know what they were at first. I assumed big cracked heads with brains falling out until Yan corrected me. Haha

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it. That annoys me.

Granada was my favorite city in Southern Spain. With a small population of only 285,000 (from lonelyplanet) and it being a college town, there was a lot of life, a shopping district, a view of the Sierra Nevada mountains that was spectacular, vibrant nightlife, in a small city setting.

I really like to visit small cities though I like to live in big ones. It's funny that way. When I'm living somewhere, I want to be where it's convenient and there's easy access to everything you need, sort of like LA. When I'm visiting though, it feels a lot more cozy and romantic being in a small town where locals are more genuine and the prices are generally lower.

One of the biggest things that draws me about small old towns are the cobblestone roads. They just look very pretty and old school and walking on them feels very nice and romantic. I think that they add a lot to the views on the streets when you look down them from one end to the other. I took many pictures of city streets with narrow alleys on this trip that I will hopefully be able to compare later. I even took some in Egypt and China, and even Thailand.


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