Sunday, February 15, 2009

Speaking of good stuff

My 3 pairs of convertible pants from North Face have just been awesome. I don't really take care of my clothes normally so you know I've been kicking the crap out of these and they've been holding up great.

They have lots of pockets, have never ripped even through the Thai jungle, NZ mountains, Patagonia hiking, about 50 washes, and still look good.

One pair has some dark stains in the back but I consider that my doing, not the pants' fault. The belt clip on 2 of the pants have been giving me issues but they have straps on the sides for my belt so I've been using a belt with no issues.

The backpack I bought from North Face in Korea has been doing great too. Not a single problem with it that I can think of. It even has a rescue whistle on it that I didn't know about until Katja mentioned it to me. I have a feeling this backpack will last me a long time, even after this whole trip is over.

Overall, North Face products are definitely worth the money.

My outer windblocker rainjacket is from Arcteryx. It's nice and it's worked great, but for the price I paid for it ($250) I think it could hold against water a little better. It's good when there's a little bit of water but if there's a lot, then it leaks. I guess I shouldn't expect it to hold up in a shower but I thought it would when I bought it.


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