Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nature at work

At these rest stops on the long bus rides, I've noticed that when they let us out, the men walk straight to the bathroom and the women don't. I've been thinking about this phenomenon and I think I know what's going on now.

Guys find it easy to urinate because they have a directional fire hose, so they load up on drinks whenever they feel like it. Women on the other hand, find it a chore to have to use the toilet seats, which may or may not be clean, usable, or free, so they refrain from drinking as much as possible and slightly dehydrate themselves.

So when a rest stop hits, the men are all clamming to go to the bathroom before they do anything else and the women are just hanging out, adjusting themselves in their seats, getting a smoke in, and maybe getting a bite to eat if they feel like it.


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