Sunday, March 29, 2009

Por kilo

On the bus trip back to Rio, we stopped for dinner at a rest stop and found that they had a por kilo (literally means per kilogram) inside. A por kilo is a buffet type setting where you pick up what you want to eat on a plate and then weigh it on a scale and then they charge you per kg. In Salvador I ate at one that was as low as $6 per kg, but in Rio I ate at one that was $13 per kg as well, so it depends on where you go and the restaurant.

The one at the rest stop was $6 for all you can eat, so I just opted for that and went crazy on the food. Veronica and I hadn't taken the time to eat much food that day, so were quite hungry by this time.

They had a stove serving steaks but they were too salty.

One nice thing about Brazilian food is that they love meat, but they also love their veggie dishes as well. There were quite a few in the selection today.

Some of the dishes I enjoyed were:
A green chili (like peppercinis unsliced) and vinegar salad
A red beet, cabbage, and vinegar salad
A bell pepper and vinegar salad (my fav)
Breaded and fried cheese squares with some hot sauce on top

The girl at the weight machine gave Veronica free bananas too. They were nice for a snack later in the bus.

It was the best bus stop food I've ever had, hands down.


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