Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pee your pants funny

After visiting Iguazu in Argentina, the 3 of us had finished dinner with a couple of beers in a asian fusion restaurant in Puerto Iguazu. (Which I was surprised to see in that town but they probably do get quite a few asian tourists)

We were back at the bus station picking up our backpacks from storage so that we could find a hostel for the night. While we were getting our bags, Alon was talking me about something, but I had a sudden urge to dance. Well really, it was to stretch my body, but to do it, I pretty much started dancing. Not like hip hop dancing, but like extending my leg and twirling dancing.

I don't remember the details exactly, but the combination of me turning in circles with my arms stretched and the conversation with Alon made Veronica start laughing, and she couldn't stop. She had been saying she had to pee for a little while but had been waiting until we found a hostel to do so. I wish you guys could hear her laugh. It makes me feel so comfortable.

When I heard her laughing, I just kept on going, even though normally I would feel embarassed, that night I felt powerful. Twirling in circles even though the locals weren't even looking at me. Maybe they just thought it was waayyyy too weird to even stare at. The employees were just going about their everyday business. I probably looked like a dying ballet dancer.

So yeah, eventually she laughed so hard she peed a little in her pants. She said she had peed her pants but was laughing so hard I thought she was joking, until I eventually stopped and she got some relief. When she could finally talk again she said I had made her pee her pants. I was like, what? Alon was also surprised.

Veronica had her legs crossed. She parts her legs slightly and there's a wet spot between her legs. That was SO funny. I was in disbelief and started hooting and laughing at the same time. I think that may have been the first time I actually made someone pee themselves. I think I could have gotten a picture because she was still a bit paralyzed from laughing but I decided not to. Sometimes the story is better than the picture.
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