Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday we took a pit stop in Potosi for the day on the way to Uyuni.

We stopped there to visit the local mines nearby. We left on the 7am bus from Sucre and arrived at 11am to hunt down travel agencies that were providing tours in the afternoon.

We were not planning to stay any nights in Potosi, so we just wanted a couple hours to see the mine and get out. We had heard that Potosi was not that interesting of a city in itself, although for some reason it is a Unesco world heritage site. (We never figured out why, Sucre is much more beautiful)

We did get several ice creams from the walking vendors in the city's main plaza. They were only 14 cents each but the ice cream tasted too watery and they were small. But my ice cream craving is hard to satify.

We walked to the convent nearby to see the inside but it happened to be closed during the hours that we were there, so we could only stare at it from the outside. I've heard that in Peru and Bolivia (and it may be the case everywhere) that the women who are in the convents are basically in that building for life (like a voluntary jail) and live out the rest of their lives there for the sake of god and humanity.

I think that's crazy.


Blogger ben said...

religion itself is crazy

April 29, 2009 at 12:30 PM  

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