Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lost a couple of things

2 days ago I went out to a bar in La Paz with a friend named Charlotte (Canada) that I had met on the bus ride into La Paz from Copacabana.

The ratio of foreigner to local in the bar was 50-50, so I sorta felt safe enough to leave my black polyester shell jacket on one of the tables while I was dancing. It was there for most of the night (I checked frequently) but at the end when we were leaving, I forgot to pick it up and about 5 minutes into the cab ride home, I remembered that I had left it. I went back to pick it up and it was already gone. *sigh*

It was a loss but not a big loss. I don´t think I will need that inner shell anymore except maybe in Cusco and Machu Picchu, but I have a sweater and a long sleeve shirt that I can layer under my green jacket instead for temporary purposes. The black jacket had already sort of been ruined by some inconsiderate laundry service in another country somewhere. It was stretched to the point where it looked too big and awkward on me and if I had gotten home with it I would have donated it to somebody instead of putting it on.

Yesterday I was walking around Sucre with Charlotte and ordered some ice cream to eat on a picnic bench. I had found an ice cream flavor named ¨durazno¨, thought it was peach, and wanted to look it up in my english-spanish phrasebook that Yan had let me borrow. I looked up the word and then must have left it on the bench when I got up because I went back to find it a little bit later and it was gone :( This one was a sizable loss because Yan had given it to me as a gift and it meant a lot to me.

Not only just that, right now I don´t have a dictionary to use until I get back to Lima and find a store that sells that sort of book. I don´t want just a cheap small dictionary, I want a book that will help me learn some grammar too.


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