Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The town in the day was far different than our impression with the taxi guy at night. The area reminds me of a old western cowboy town, but with Bolivian buildings of course.

Most people seem content to sit around in the sun and relax or sell their goods, whether it be food, gifts, or household goods.

There are quite a few gringos in the area planning their trips to Salar just like we did yesterday.

We had about 4 ice cream cones each for about a dollar total throughout the day. We sat around in the sun. I blogged while Charlotte wrote in her diary.

We walked around to several travel agencies asking about prices and itineraries for Salar. I mad a call to a bank in the states because I lost one of my ATM cards a couple days ago to cancel it.

Right before we got some amazing pizza for dinner at Minuteman, we booked our trip to Salar with a travel agency called Andes Salt Expeditions. It's got one of the best reputations on the internet. The cost was $85 for 3 days and 2 nights but we decided it's probably worth it to pay a little more and hopefully get a better experience out of it, because there are a lot of bad stories from people about Salar trips gone wrong (bad food, bad vehicles, freezing at night, that sort of thing).

So this morning I am getting ready for 3 days of sun, salt, lagoons, rock formations, and hot springs. We are headed out at 10:30 and when the trip is over I will be in Chile again in a city called San Pedro de Atacama.

I chose to exit into Chile so that I can take Chilean busses back up to Cuzco for 3x the money and be done with Bolivian ones. Trust me, it's worth the money. :)


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