Saturday, May 31, 2008

Health Insurance

I ended up purchasing 2 insurance policies.

I purchased the regular 6 month travel insurance from World Nomads, which is supposedly the standard for backpacking world travelers. It looked like a pretty good policy all around, and it was super cheap. It came out to like $500 for the whole year.

I stopped the COBRA health insurance from Boeing because it's too much money to pay for on my own. Something around $400 a month just for the medical + dental.

Instead, with my dad's recommendation, I opted for a BlueShield plan called the Vital 2900 which has a high deductible but very low premium and basically just covers hospitalization. This one is just in case I get seriously injured while I'm traveling and I have to have major surgery or something like that. That one is going to be about $650 for the year. It's not too much considering the peace of mind I'll get from having it.

I sent in the application form for the BlueShield insurance last night on the web. Hopefully they'll be able to start the policy for me on Monday after I've already left the country. If they require me to get a physical..... well they and I are out of luck. :) I guess if worst comes to worst I could get a doctor in NZ to give me a physical and send the results to BlueShield.


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