Saturday, June 7, 2008

Being lazy is fun

In the last couple days of the Magicbus, we've left Auckland and gone north along the east coast to Paihia and then took another connection bus up to Cape Reinga. That's the most northern point in New Zealand. It's at around the same parallel as Santiago, Chile and Cape Town, Africa.

On the west coast we took the 90 mile beach down back to Paihia and spent the night again. The beach is actually only 64 miles long, so the driver told us that they named it 90 mile beach because it would attract more tourists.

Then we saw this place called the Ancient Kauri Kingdom, which was a store filled with overpriced wooden goods carved from the ancient trees on NZ. Rice bowls for 55 bucks. Hmmmm yeah right!

Paihia was a pretty dead town this time of year, unfortunately, though it was a nice quaint seatown. I did watch the All Blacks (NZ national rugby team) play Ireland last night at one of the bars nearby. That was fun.


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