Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's storytime kids!

This is a statue of a famous drink in NZ. The short name is L&P. It tastes like a watered down bitter cola, which obviously doesn't sound all that good. It isn't all that good but the bus driver told me this drink was an icon in NZ so I *had* to take a tasteful picture in front of it, of course.
We stopped at a rabbit shearing shop on the way to the Waitomo Caves. Apparently these rabbits that look like sheep when they have full grown hair die if they are not sheared properly 4 times a year. Which brings us to the question: How did they survive before people shaved them to make clothing? To make sure the rabbit doesn't move and get hurt from the razor, they basically stretch them out on all fours as if to perform some kind of midevil torture ritual and then they are shaved from head to toe.
This was on the way to the glowworm cave and the innertubes. This is my friend Kate from Canada who went with me. I just had to point out this picture because she's in her bikini inside a wetsuit with a spelunking hat in the middle of a cowfield. The cave entrance was in the middle of cowfields, believe it or not.
This is what my view looked like as we were floating together down the pitch black cave with just our helmet lights. Those are my legs under her arms so that we don't break apart.
To see more photos of caving, click here.
After Waitomo, we headed to Rotorua where we spent a couple of nights. Rotorua has a bunch of natural hot springs and so this pool was warm enough to swim in during the evening. It felt very nice on the skin as well.


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