Monday, July 14, 2008

Cape Tribulation

I spent 2 days up in Cape Tribulation. Yes Victoria pointed out to me that sounds like a bad 80s band. I agree. It's really a tiny peninsula about an hour and a half north of Cairns where the rainforest meets the ocean, literally.

Because of this, 100 yards into the forest it will be cloudy as heck but then you step 100 yards east to the beach and it's sunny and bright without a cloud in the sky (eastward, obviously if you look back above the forest it's cloudy)

While I was there I did the jungle night walk where we walked around with a guide and flashlights. The coolest thing we saw was a python. It was only about 2 meters long but it had just fed. Our guide was way more excited than we were. He said that was one of the rarest finds he's had on the night walks. There are trees in this forest called strangler figs which are basically predators that wrap it's roots around another living tree and then strangle it to death. pretty awesome.

Other than that it was just a nice looking place. Looked like hawaii but I stayed in a hostel that was 24 a night. The rooms were comfortable. I couldn't complain for the cost.

I made friends with a crab on the beach (the crab probably thought it was more like terrorizing) and took some pictures with him (or her).

That area is where a lot of saltwater crocs run around. We saw a couple from a small boat yesterday basking in the sun. The big one was about 4 meters long. Scary looking indeed. The boat driver said that we have about 15 seconds to live if you fall into that river. Everyone leaned back into the boat a bit more when he said that.


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