Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Certified Adventure Diver

I've still got something called "sea legs" which is where you feel like you're still swaying on a boat even though you're on hard land. I've been back from the diving boat with PRO DIVE since last night but I still feel like I'm swaying if I try to sit or stand still

On the diving boat, I completed the 4 required dives to get PADI certification. This allowed me to get to 18m. Then they gave us the option of paying $150 to get the adventure certification, and so I went ahead and did that so that I could dive to 30m. From what I learned from the instructors, 30m is good to have in case I want to dive wrecks off the coast.

I had to do 3 more specific dives to complete that. One was a night dive, a deep dive, and an elective dive, of which I chose photography since I was already planning on taking the camera into the water.

The cameras cost $35 to rent from PRO DIVE, but I felt that it was well worth it. Now that I have my certification, I will have to shop around for a diving camera.

So the whole class took me 5 days. 2 days in the swimming pool in town (heated) and then 3 days on the boat.

The water in the ocean stayed at a consistent 23 degrees celsius. I think that's about 75 degrees fahrenheit. It was pretty warm for the middle of the ocean with our wetsuits on, but the weather was kind of terrible so the lighting was less than satisfactory.

I did get some pretty pictures of the reef on the last day right before we left because the sun came out at that point. It's definitely a beautiful place. It's amazing how many different types of marine life is available in that small area.

The night dive was very cool. We each had glowsticks on our tanks so that we could spot eachother and then held an underwater flashlight in our right hands as we descended into the water. It was definitely like something from the Discovery Channel or one of those Jacques Cousteau specials and it really made it special.

The reefs that we visited were called Milln Reef and Flynn Reef.

I met some great people on the boat, but just like every other time on this trip, I had to say bye to them last night at our celebration dinner and drinks, assuming I'll never see them again. I kept their contact info just in case. At the very least we could share pictures.

I'm trying to upload the pictures now, I will point out the good ones later on.


Blogger James said...

Hi Jim,

good to see you having fun!

keep us informed and take a lot of pictures.


July 10, 2008 at 1:50 PM  

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