Monday, October 27, 2008

5km 1700m elevation in 2.25 hours

While I was in Seoraksan in northeastern Korea, I hiked up to the biggest peak in the area. It was 1708m high and the peak was called DaeChungBong.

The trail was only 5km one way, so it was like climbing stairs almost all the way up.

There were lots of people on the trail, because it was during the middle of the foliage viewing season. Most people I saw were middle age, say around 40 to 50, because most other people were probably busy working or attending school. I chose the middle of the week to go because it would be less crowded and also I wanted to keep weekends available for seeing cousins in Seoul when they were (hopefully) more free.

Another panoramic view of me at the top of the mountain.

Here's what I had for lunch that day. It's called JooMukBap and it's basically rolled up rice with sesame seeds in a little bit of oil. I had this with a Kimchee side dish that I bought at a restaurant in the town that morning before I started the hike.


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