Sunday, October 19, 2008

A couple things to correct

I was wrong on a couple things on previous posts.

I found out from my cousin that the USA baseball team during the Olympics did not play any major leaguers. Everyone was from the minor leagues or from the AAA. Considering that and the fact that they still got 4th place, that's pretty good. Which shows that if they actual had professionals playing the games would have been stupid and they would have had to enact mercy rules every game when USA was up by 100 in the 3rd inning. That explains why Korea was 1st, and not 2nd.

On the other side of the world, Korea stopped their major league baseball domestically so that they could send the best of their best to China so that they would have a chance.

It's gotta be a bit deflating to know that even if you won gold, it's only because the best team didn't play.

That reminds me of back in college, when I held a Quake (computer game) tournament that I didn't play in because if I played, nobody would sign up for it. (There was a little money involved, $5 buy in) I literally had to promise people I would not play in the tourney to get them to sign up.

The other thing I found out from a youngest girl cousin on my mom's side is that Korean and Japanese women wear short skirts because it's more appropriate for them to show lots of leg than show lots of cleavage. When she said that I totally realized that was exactly what was happening. Every girl I'd seen had shown no chest at all, just leg.

So basically their trend is sort of the opposite of the USA, where we think that showing cleavage is sexy but ok, but showing your entire leg up to your asscheek is really slutty looking.

I bet when Korean people come to the USA they initially think the same thing I did.


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