Friday, January 16, 2009


Chicken breast, french fries, tuna salad, green chili, white rice with tomato sauce. A piece of bread on the side.

I wish I knew of a Mexican food restaurant in Salamanca. I expected there to be more in Spain. They're very tough to find. I am yearning for something spicy lately. I haven't had spicy food since China (Hong Kong) in December.

We got served tabasco sauce with our tapas last night but I forgot to take advantage of it because our conversation was so serious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Jim, if you can't find a good Mexican salsa, try following.
Find a Chinese restaurnat. It is anywhere in the world. Maybe, Chinese foods in Spain are somewhat different from original Chinese or Chinses food you ate in Korea or USA but still a kind of Chinese.
Order Fried Rice, vegetable with beef. Ask them some sliced fresh onion or some sliced peper. Pour some vinegar for onion. It reduces smell. They should have it but if they don't have, ask them bottled hot souce. Make Bibimbob mixing rice/vegetable/beef together. You will like it.
If you find a fancy Chinese restaurant, they have salted(seasoned) anchovy. They serve it only when custoemrs ask for it.
It is also very good for oriental taste.

Some expensive idea - find a Korean or Japanese restaurant in some big city. There are at least one or two in any European big cities. I think you know what to order there. You have to expect some high bill there. Some Japanese restaurants are operated by Korean in many places.

Try all above for you to charge your energy and power.

January 16, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

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