Thursday, January 29, 2009


We only spent a night in Sevilla so I don't have a full impression of the city but for the few hours that we used to wander around it felt like a smaller Barcelona. This was expected because it *is* the capital city of Andalucia. It had some nice architecture and quite a large shopping district and looked very much like a metropolitan city after coming from Granada, which just seemed like a large town relatively.

The streets in Sevilla were wide. It has a nice clean tram and 2 bus stations. It has it's own airport. We saw the cathedral and the bullfighting ring from the outside at night and walked past the bar district as well. I wouldn't have minded staying there longer but I felt like if I stayed in Barc or Madrid it would be similar, though much more metro.

Salamanca and Granada so far have been the most different small cities that I've enjoyed. Granada seemed to have more to see than Salamanca though.


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