Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First thoughts on Medellin

Overall so far, it's ok. I think it would be better as a first impression if I hadn't had such high expectations built up for it.

Are the girls pretty? I guess so, but no more so than other cities (excluding Bolivia) I've been to. I've seen a lot of silicon, which for some guys might be great, but for others like me, not so much.

Are the people nice? Yeah, I've found that most people are very friendly. They smile a lot here and look happy. I really enjoy that and it affects my impression. In contrast, people in Bolivia looked like they were unhappy to be alive.

Is the city beautiful? Yeah, it's pretty nice but nothing to gawk at. The area of the city where my hostel is looks like Westwood or Santa Monica. It's really nice. I mean nice enough to look like the best parts of Santiago, Chile. I can tell people here have some money.

I can tell that most of the people who are in my hostel have been here or are planning to be here for a while. They seem to love this place. I overheard some guy yesterday telling his family that he is going to live here, so he's looking for an apartment. I guess I need to stick around and poke my nose in different places to figure out why, because right now I don't feel like this is a place where I'd stick around for very long. In the back of my mind I'm already wondering what airlines I should look into to fly to Cartegena, which will be next destination in Colombia, right before I hit the beaches on the Caribbean coast.

I'm meeting an American guy named David tomorrow for lunch that I first met in Egypt on the Nile cruise. He's decided to live in Medellin permanently for now and I hope that maybe I can get some insight from him on what he enjoys about this city.

There's some paragliding going on here in this city. I'm going to find out if I can do it tomorrow or the next day.


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