Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Off to a great start

Had to stop in Federal Way last night because my dad got some kind of food poisoning. It could have been the 3 year old dried fish that was in the freezer dad. :)

Rules when entering Jim's apt:
#1: Take off your shoes
#2: Never ever assume you can eat anything in the refrigerator without asking me about it first

Now, you may be asking yourself why I have a 3 year old fish in my freezer even after having moved twice.
#1: my mom bought it for me when she visited. I kept it for sentimental value
#2: I kept telling myself that I was going to eat it someday and wasn't sure if it would be too late because it was frozen, vacuum packed, and salted heavily. I would have probably ended up throwing it away yesterday (as I now move), but my dad has taken care of it for me.

Where was I while my dad was eating this fish? Asleep recovering from drinking Sunday after moving. We hung out at Paddy O'Coynes and Wasabi Bistro again that evening.


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