Thursday, March 20, 2008

I feel a movement coming on

I had to figure out how I was going to move my stuff down to LA. (I've decided to store my stuff in boxes at my parents' house in Downey)

I checked out a couple of local moving companies and they only serve in-state, but one of them recommended that I check out portable storage companies, such as ABF U-Pack. DoortoDoor seems to be a more popular company, but their quote was 60% more so I couldn't take their deal, no matter how cute the girl's voice on the phone was.

After doing some research, I've made a reservation with U-Pack and they will be coming out to my apartment next week to leave 2 of their ReloCube moving containers in the alley between the 2 buildings of my apartment. Then I will have a couple of days to pack the ReloCubes with my stuff and ABF will come back, pick up my cubes, and then take them to their freighting area for shipping to the Los Angeles area.

I feel like this'll be the best deal overall because:
1. Nobody else has to touch my stuff
2. I get several days to pack my stuff
3. It's less $$ than a full service moving company.
4. I am responsible for all the packing, so hopefully nothing will break.
5. Nobody else has to touch my stuff!

When they get to the LA area, I will ask them to bring it to my parents' house and I can unload everything in a day or two. Sounds good right? Yeah, we'll see what happens.


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