Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whitney Houston and all that jazz

The kiwis and Aussies love older American music. I'd say the 80s and early 90s are extremely popular. A lot of public places that are trying to be stylish like clothing stores and bars play Madonna, Michael Jackson, and George Michael. Since I like 80s music, it's been good.

The other night the bar opened up karaoke and I ended up singing a couple of songs to the other hostel inmates. They got a kick out of that. I wanted "piano man" like usual but they didn't have it so I started off with "no woman no cry". "Old time of rock and roll" got the crowd going crazy. I just laughed hysterically at how simple it was to amuse a bunch of europeans.

This is the only place where I can sing Celine Dion and Journey and NOT annoy everyone in the room.


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