Sunday, September 21, 2008

Headed to Fukuoka, Japan today

I'm getting on the Kobee boat to Fukuoka today. I bought the ticket yesterday when I came by to check out the International Ferry Terminal. It was the only boat with open tickets for today so it was good thing I came by.

This ferry is 3 hours and drops me off right in the middle of Kyushu, which is the western island of Japan. I guess I'll have to go through customs so I should probably hide my bombs and drugs somewhere else. haha j/k to whichever CIA or secret service agent is reading this blog because I just typed those words in and I know you guys are reading my stuff (not because of national security, just because it's *so* damn interesting). Not to brag too often but my grammar skills are HAWT.

I think my first stop after seeing some of Fukuoka will be Nagasaki and then back up north to Kyoto or Hiroshima, I haven't decided which one first. Maybe I'll stop in Nara and spit on royal graves or something like a good Korean.

Internet access on a computer at the ferry terminal is 10 cents every 5 minutes, if only it was that cheap in the United States at public terminals, geez I might actually use it once in a while! Imagine that!


Blogger vovo said...

sorry i missed your calls!!!

call me again can tell me about japan, i can tell you about school.

September 22, 2008 at 1:27 AM  

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