Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vitamins in Korea are expensive

What money I saved from the hotel rooms is taken from me when you buy any sort of health products of the type you'd find at a GNC.

I bought some cod liver oil capsules here (mmm I know it sounds yummy doesn't it. I've been taking these to prevent dry skin) and they cost me $40!! even though the quality of them isn't as good as the stuff you get for $15 in the states. I visited lots of pharmacies and department stores though and compared prices, there isn't anything better.

2 weeks ago my cousins were asking me to look at an American health products catalog they had received in the mail to ask me if I'd heard of the company because they've been ordering multivitamins internationally for a little while. Even with the shipping cost, it's quite a lot cheaper to order them from the states.


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