Friday, September 26, 2008

The old capital

Today I:m in Nara, a very old capital of Japan. I didn:t have a chance to walk around today though because it was raining pretty hard. The hostel I:m at let me borrow an umbrella though and I walked around the town area eating some good food including a fish roe rice bowl and some chicken katsu from a stand.

I looked through my Lonelyplanet today and found that there are free personal English tour guide services offered by the YMCA and by students in town, so I called and set one up for tomorrow morning at 9:30am. I:m excited about that. That:s going to be totally cool. A personal photographer tour guide around the city. haha

What nice people, seriously. I assume they do it so that they can improve their foreign language skills and possibly to get people to like Nara more?

(I don:t plan on tipping right now because you don:t tip in Japan?)


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