Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hiroshima is HUGE

I didn:t expect this much difference, seriously! The tram is twice or three times as long and there:s like 150 people on each one. I:ve checked into a *real* hostel today. It looks like the ones I used to stay in in Australia or New Zealand (except that it:s Japanese of course).

$25 for a bunk bed in a room of about 10 people. Again, very close price scale to Australia. Best part is there are 3 24 hour computers here for $2 an hour. And skype works on them. Awesome!

I;m a 5 minute walk from the Atomic Bomb dome and Peace Park so I will be walking there in a little while to check out the area. I saw the Peace Park and Atom Bomb drop area yesterday in Nagasaki. I:m getting a wealth of knowledge about atomic bombs while I:m in Japan. Not exactly what I thought was going to happen but hey, it:s mass destruction and violence, what more could a man ask for? (A non-Japanese keyboard would be nice)

There are lots of student groups here and the city is really busy. The train station was massive, with something like 30 tracks coming in and out on multiple levels. Everything in this hostel is written in English and the guy who works the front desk knows English. There are maps of Hiroshima in English everywhere.

I feel like I:m going through Japan in the reverse order of what I was supposed to do. Instead of things getting harder, everything is getting easier!


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