Friday, September 26, 2008

The rest of Japan

Here:s what I think I:m going to do for the rest of Japan:
1. Kyoto for 3 days
2. Nagoya for 1 day
3. Nagano for 1 day
4. Sapporo for 1 day
5. One more location on the upper island (Hokkaido) for 1 day, possibly someplace near the northern water border with Russia
6. Tokyo for 3 days

and then fly out on Oct 8th to Seoul. I:ve already booked my flight, so that part is set. The cheapest flight I could find money-wise was about $800 one way, so instead of doing that I opted to use 20k United Airlines mileage points + $130 in fees to get from Narita to Incheon airports.

That:ll leave me 12 days including 2 weekends so more like 8 business days to get my VISA for China while I:m in Seoul. I think that will be plenty of time.


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