Monday, September 22, 2008

Sights in Gyeoungju

While I was visiting Gyeoungju, I visited the largest temple in Korea (oh crap I was just about to write the Korean name here and I just realized I don:t think I can because I:m in Japan now). Anyway, in English, it:s Bulguksa.

It had a few nice buildings but it felt a little empty and deserted. There were no practicing monks there at all, just a bunch of tourists. I was expecting more of an actual practicing site before I got there. So that was a little disappointing.

After that I also visited a temple nearby that was created with marble or granite stone (I do not know which) in a cave like (manmade) structure. It was called SeokGulAhm. I wanted to take pictures there but they would not let us, unfortunately. It was a short hike there with my bags, which I generally enjoyed.

I also saw the Gyeoungju National Museum in a short hour or so. It was not long enough but I got a taste of what was there and that was all I needed. The place holds a lot of artifacts from old Korea, from the bronze and iron ages to be more specific.

I also saw an observatory that was used in the years BC as well. It looked like a rock stone lighthouse from the outside. There is nothing on the inside that is still there today.

It was cool to see these parts of old Korea and it felt good to understand more about my people:s history.


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