Monday, September 22, 2008

Alive in Fukuoka

It took me soooooooooo long to find an internet cafe today. I just finally stumbled upon one right now. I can't believe it took this long and I hate this keyboard with all my guts. Seriously, I hate this thing.

There's a bunch of Japanese keys on it that I can't read which I won't dare touch anymore because I did when I first sat down and I regretted that one, trust me. For some reason the English keys are moved around, such as having to press shift-7 to get the apostrophe to show up on the screen. If I press the key next to "l" like normal, I get the colon symbol! What the hell, seriously.

And holy crap the internet here is expensive, and so is the food, but the food is not as bad as the internet. It's like Australia all over again, something like $6 an hour. I can't be on for too long even though I have so much blogging to do because I won't be able to afford my trip if I run out of money. Ok small exaggeration sorry. But why so much right? Korea can do it for $1 an hour.

I'm about to give up on the apostrophe thing. I:m going to just write the rest of my posts using the colon and maybe fix it someday in the future when I:m in a country that doesn:t suck in this respect.

My headset doesn:t even have a mic, dear lord.


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