Sunday, October 19, 2008

China is freaking massive

I've been reading some of my new lonelyplanet book on China, and have already learned a bunch of things.

China borders India. Did you guys know that? I sure didn't.

Also, Tibet is *inside* China? Chalk me up as ignorant on that one. I always thought that Tibet was its own country.

China is credited with inventing not only paper and gunpowder, but also the sport of football (soccer).

China got their first Olympic gold in 1984. I think they got like 55 golds this year. That's a big difference in 25 years. I think that's a good sign of how quickly the country is modernizing if anything. That's actually a bit scary. It's like a superhuman race coming to existence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tibet was an independent country but China ran over it. That is why the Tibetians are now fighting with China everywhere.
Chinese soldiers are controlling Tibet by force now.
Tibet 임시 government are now in India. Dalairama is a head of them.

Korean Idiom again, if there are thousand chickens there should be at least one 학(you know the tall white bird). Chinese their power is population. During Korean war, Korean and USA soldiers strike back North Korean soldiers almost at the border to China, but suddenly China get involved and sent millions of Chinese soldiers with drums and 꽹과리 to make noise.
Some Korean/USA soldiers who saw that surprised and almost fainted.
They said they are out of bullet to kill them. Chinese call it 人海戰術 - make sea with people.
So, population is sometimes difficult thing if too many but is a good source of power and growth.

October 21, 2008 at 7:29 PM  

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