Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm in Chinese Thailand

This area (Xishuangbanna) has a real wacky feeling to it (not just the name) that I didn't expect before I got here. It's got the whole "still in China" reality but it feels a lot like the Thailand I remember.

I got 5 mosquito bites yesterday. The brush around me feels like the junglish area in Pai I exerienced in early August.

There are a bunch of tuk tuks here. Those are the 3 wheeled small taxi carts that you can use to get around. They don't use meters so you have to bargain before you agree to take the ride.

There are many Thai restaurants in the area. I've already tried some of the Thai food. The taste is very close but not completely the same as Thai food I had in Thailand.

Most of the store signs are written in Chinese and Thai.

There are many different cultures of people in the area, and many of these people are those with darker skin than the "usual" Chinese. Some look malay or indonesian, some wear long skirts, and some aren't speaking Mandarin or Thai.

There are a lot of motorbikes in this area, just like it was in Thailand.

The weather is warm and humid, even though it's the middle of November.


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