Sunday, November 23, 2008

Me = easily amused

I watched a cute chinese girl play a semi-bad looking Wii roleplaying game about an armored bear for an hour tonight. More like I had it on in the background while I decided to do some blogging but yeah, it's amazing what I will do to have some background noise in my hotel room.

It's a video game channel called Gtv, much like the one we have in the states. They have her controls wired up so that you can hear her click the buttons. I think her voice is the best touch. You can hear her every gasp and sigh as she tries to pass the game. She makes mistakes just like anybody else who would be playing the game for the first time. I wish I could understand the mandarin to be able to figure out if this is her first time through the game. I'm sure it isn't because it would be sad if she couldn't figure out a puzzle for hours on national television.

The whole thing was completely commercial free. She did not translate any of the english text into Chinese. She seemed like she was just saying a couple of things to give the viewer an idea of what was going on in the game to keep interest in the storyline.

I wonder how many other people watch this stuff in China. Haha


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