Sunday, November 9, 2008

Whitey sense

It's like spidey sense but not as reliable, as Dennis and I discovered.

Advice: When you're walking through an asian country (or any country) looking for a tourist trap and you think you might be lost, follow the people that look like they don't fit in (white person in this case) and most of time they will lead you to your destination.

Dennis, Becky (Chicago) and I were lost on the way to find the Olympic area to see the bird's nest and the water cube one night, but we found a caucasian guy on the subway that seemed to know where he was going so we followed him most of the way there and we ended up getting there.

P.s. Apparently the water cube and bird's nest are not lit up every night, because when we got there at 9pm the lights were already off and they looked kind of sad. The water cube especially looked weird with no lights on. Like some rejected alien spaceship design that was stored in the corner of the attic.


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