Sunday, January 18, 2009

Plaza Mayor

As I write this I'm sitting in Plaza Mayor in Salamanca drinking a liter of OJ I puchased at a nearby convenience store. I felt the need for juice this morning. Speaking of OJ, the Spanish clementines have been really good here. I've eaten about 4 kilos of them in the last 2 weeks.

There's another Palestinian Anti-Israeli demonstration here today. I guess they must enjoy doing them on Sundays. The last one in Madrid was on Sunday too. It's interesting to watch and read the signs and to try to understand the chants. The crowd isn't as large because this city is much smaller. If there was ever a chance for violence this would be the place though. I wonder if there any Israelis here that feel aggressive.

I don't see any anti-American signs today though. I guess they are happy that Bush has decided to stay out of the conflict. That's sort of a positive thought.

The original point of this post was to say that there are many public squares in each of the Spanish cities I've been to. Most are small and called plazas or puertas (doors) or plaças (in Barc because it Catalonian). But each city usually has a couple bigger ones such as Plaza Mayor. This Plaza Mayor has the city hall in it.

The Spanish seem to like to name different parts of each city with the same names though, just like we do in the States (like broadway, central, grand). Each city seems to have a big street named Gran Via, and a street called Ramblas.

Woah the sun just came out. The world looks completely different.


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