Thursday, January 29, 2009

A rock and a soft place

We're on the train in Morocco right now headed from Tanger to Fes. It is a remarkably comfortable and quiet train, even considering we bought first class seats for about $20 each for the 5 hour ride. A step up from Egypt I have to say, though Egypt's sleeper train was comfortable too.

We're in 6 person compartments. Yan, me, a Moroccan couple and 2 empty seats. The seats are pretty and soft, have headrests, and are plenty wide enough for the average traveler.

About 20 minutes after we departed, we heard a loud bang on the car cabin window, like something had hit the glass from the outside. It sounded like a bullet hitting glass except nothing was broken and nothing had entered the compartment.

The Moroccan man told us it was probably some bad kids being troublemakers and throwing rocks at the train. One had just happened to hit our window. He let out a sigh of relief after looking around to see if everything in the compartment was ok. The noise startled me but once we knew nobody was hurt it was ok.


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