Friday, February 27, 2009

24hr bus trip: accomplished

I checked in tonight in my hostel outside of downtown Brasilia using full Spanish. I'm SO proud of myself. The hostel staff here speaks no english at all because hardly any foreigners come to this city on their travels. In fact, back in Salvador, everytime I told somebody I was headed to Brasilia, they asked me "why?" because it's an unusual destination.

Of course I came here for 2 reasons:
1. hang out with Daniella, a cool girl I met in Barc over NYE
2. the flight from Brasilia to Manaus is only $150 and Salvador to Manaus was $450. A big difference.

So it works out well. I hope hanging out with a Brazilian person turns out to be all I hope it to be. I am going to ask her a bunch of questions about Portuguese pronunciation. I'm still unable to make simple conversation in Portuguese. It's strange.


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