Friday, February 27, 2009

Next city please

I am excited to leave Salvador. I didn't feel safe there, and so that deprived me of enjoyment. I just don't feel relaxed if I have to keep a watch out 24hrs a day for people stealing my stuff from my pockets.

I wasn't able to take my camera or my phone out much so I hardly have any pictures from the week. People told me not to go in certain areas of the city near the hostel, so generally I felt unsafe walking around alone in the evenings.

I was pickpocketed once for the $10 and almost picked another time by a kid about 9 years old trying to rip money out of my hand while I was counting my change in front of the vendor.

The childish crap going on in my hostel was annoying me (explained in my last post).

Nobody had a map that I could take with me, so if I went outside there was a good chance I would get lost, but this wasn't a good town for a foreigner to get lost in. I was told to leave my phone indoors because someone might steal it at gunpoint. One of the hostel staff told me he got his arm broken a couple years ago by people who were trying to just take his money.

Other travelers have told me that other Brazilian cities are safer, so I'm hoping that really is the case.

The difficulty with Portuguese, the interruption of Spanish, the hostel BS, and this safety concern was really bothering me. I thought about leaving Brazil right away after Carnaval but decided I came here to see the Amazon and I need to at least do that, so I'm still in the country to see if things get better.


Blogger Erin said...

I bet the Amazon will be worth it!

February 27, 2009 at 11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you bite a rock when you eat a bowl of steamed rice,
the first time, you think, it may happen,
the second time, oh gush, mom gona break my teeth,
but, third time, you may say, dam it, it is a steamed rocks, not rice. But it is just 3 rocks among the thounds of rices if you count.
You know, what old people did,
they pour some water in the bowl and let any further rocks sink, and eat the rice carefully.
Because they know how the rice is precious not by price but by how it is prepared (seed to steamed rice) and they understand how hard it is to remove rocks completely.

Anywhere in the world, there are such rocks. you also have to learn how to live with them. Consider, you paid $10.- for the lesson.
In any place, people trying to be good to foreigners and guests but there are some people who have to do some bad things, soemtimes, for their living. You can also think you help them.

I hear the news that San Paolo has some security issue now.
Always, be careful, but don't be shurken.

February 28, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

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