Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dark clouds came in

We left the beach because of rain coming in. It was good timing. I would have gotten up in about 2 more minutes and told Gary I was going to the regular beach and sit alone for a while, hopefully staring at girl's asses without relent just to get the nausea to go away.

He invited me to come out later to go to a Churrascaria with him for dinner. That's one of the Brazilian all you can eat meat and salad bars where they bring the 100 kinds of meat to your table and slice it for you if you want some. Like fogo de chau in the states.

I'm considering doing that and internally using that event as a marker to say goodbye to Gary. My body doesn't feel good when I'm hanging out with him anymore. Subconsciously, I can't really take it and I'm not enjoying myself.

Gary has been suggesting I stay longer in Rio and take trips to different places in the area, like Ilha Grande, which is a carless island that really is supposed to be beautiful. I don't know if he's implying that he wants to take me there or not, but fortunately I don't want to stay in Rio much longer so I don't have to find out and tell him that I don't want him to come with me anyway.


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