Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting some perspective

I noticed while hanging out with Gary that because he was so easygoing, it made it a little frustrating for me to do things with him. And I'm sure that's how some people feel with me, because I'm willing to pay more than most backpackers as well.

He was willing to pay more for the same things. He wouldn't refuse if the price was a little higher than it should be like I would. Not only that, but he was willing to take a more luxurious option because hehas some age and it takes a toll on him to wait around for something cheaper. I remember feeling like I should just do what he wanted because I felt bad for him too.

Just overall, he was happier with mediocrity than I was. He would tell me that something was amazing, when it wasn't when I got there. Things like food would be the biggest example. He would tell me something is so cheap and good but it was expensive compared to Brazilian value. It was only cheap compared to American prices, which I very rarely if ever use to compare. If that was the case, you might as well buy hotdogs in China for $3 instead of 30 cents.

Transportation was another one. Instead of waiting and taking a bus for $1 he opted to pay $10 saying that it was such a cheap taxi. I guess it's cheap compared to NYC but I'd rather have taken the bus. There's other things you get from a bus than from a taxi than just saved money. I agreed on the taxi though since it came out to $4 more each and I didn't want to exhaust the old man with walking and getting on/off the bus.


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