Friday, April 17, 2009

Puno, Peru

Holy crap Puno is a cold place in the evenings. It's gotta be near freezing and it's still fall here. I think it could be deadly to venture here in the winter.

I made it down here yesterday by bus from Cuzco. Puno is a town on Lake Titicaca that you can get to the floating islands from.

As you can probably already tell, I postponed Machu Picchu because the railroad that takes you partways up to the temple had workers on strike for the last 4 days I was in Cuzco, and so getting up there and coming down would have been a drag and could have resulted in an extremely long layover somewhere.

I will be doing my Machu Picchu hike when I get back from Bolivia. I am entering Bolivia tomorrow and plan to be back in Cuzco in 12 days.

Tomorrow morning I will be visiting the Coca museum here and then taking a bus into a city called Copacabana, Bolivia. From there I will visit the Island of the Sun and then head into La Paz.

Also while I was in Cuzco, I met up with Ronald again (met him in El Calafate), and Nicole again (also El Calafate). Also I met 2 cool girls, Anita from Australia and Inka from New York. I am traveling with Anita now for a few days.

Yes her name really is Inka. How funny is that? Especially because the Peruvians use the word Inca and Inka interchangeably. She took pictures of half the signs that said Inka on them as we toured Cuzco.


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