Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free dogs of the world

I have had an extensive amount of experience on this trip of what street life would be like if we didn't pick up stray dogs with no tags and kill them in 3 days in LA.

Several countries I've been through have had a seemingly pooch non-control policy, including Brasil, Argentina, Chile, and Thailand. The dogs are all over the place. One on each block corner. Also they lay down in place like a bum would. I've never seen such relaxed dogs lying around.

Every dog my family has ever owned jumps all over the place and wants to hump legs constantly. I'm guessing these street dogs do that for a couple of weeks and then realize there's an infinite number of legs to hump and so it's pointless to do it all the time, so they relax.

I've also never seen so many smart dogs that know how to cross streets properly like jaywalking pedestrians. They wait for a break and then run across when it's saf(er). Don't get me wrong, there are dumb dogs too that get hit by cars.

I've yet to see any dead dogs, so I think somebody cleans up the corpses somehow. I'm guessing the governments do that when people like me are not looking.

In the evening when the traffic dies down, the dogs come out to the asphalt and chase cars down the street while barking their heads off. I assume it's their way of entertaining themselves. They don't get hit like American dogs do. They're smart about how they chase. It's also helpful that the drivers are better drivers on average than Americans as well.

Sometimes when I'm walking home late at night, there are like 5 dogs following us. I don't know what they do that for exactly, but I'm guessing they're looking for some attention or maybe they have been trained to beg for food that way. They literally follow me all the way until I enter my hostel. Last night they followed my buddy and me until we got to a late night restaurant, then waited for us to finish and then followed us again.

I don't dare ever touch them because they're probably filthy and might have diseases (I decided to not get rabies shots before I left), and sometimes their barking and chasing cars that go by is very annoying. I don't try to stop them because I assume that's fruitless, but I do catch myself hoping sometimes that they get hit by a car just so the barking will stop and well, I think it would be (in the long run) interesting to see a dog get hit by a car. I mean I would be sad afterwards, but still my morbid curiosity is overwhelming.

Is that sick? I'm not sure. Maybe it is. But I have now already seen someone die in front of me on the road, so I guess seeing a dog die won't be as alarming anymore. I still never want to see a human die of trauma ever again.


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