Monday, May 18, 2009


While I was in Medellin, I met up with my David who had been traveling arould the world for over a year and then had decided to live in Medellin after he enjoyed it so much there.

I first met him in Egypt, when we were on the same Nile cruise together. He runs several traveling related websites, including and Currently these are his full time jobs as he tries to survive in the Colombian city.

He met up with me once for lunch when I first got into town to catch up and have some Cuban food together. It's nothing like the Cuban food you'd get in LA. To be honest I couldn't tell the difference between what we ate and what Colombian food is, so who knows.

That night we met up and went out to a bar in the same area of town, near Parque Lleres. It was a Wednesday night so it wasn't very wild outside. A pretty chill night I would say. On Friday night I saw him at a bar/club called Blue.

During the week he was very prompt about commuication and he was super nice about emailing me information on where to go and what to do in terms of social events.

From what I could gather, David really enjoys the spirit of the city. The people are friendly and easygoing. The city is full of life, including during the night, and there's a lot of pretty people there, which I think David is trying to take full advantage of meeting before he has to go back home in 2 months.

He's been renting a decent apartment for about $40 a week he says. I've seen pictures inside his apartment. It's pretty nice.

I didn't get to see him the day before I left the city to come to Cartagena, but I have to go back to Medellin to fly out to Miami and Puerto Rico, so I think I'll have 1 evening to say bye to him before I leave the country.


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