Monday, May 18, 2009

Take ANY seat!

On the plane flights yesterday from Medellin to Monteria to Cartagena, I was in a very very small jet. The kind that takes you from like Los Angeles to Barstow, CA. It was called a Jetstream and it was produced by BAE.

I was about to board the plane after walking out to the boarding area, but looked at my ticket and couldn't figure out what seat I was assigned to. I asked the lady who was manning the door to the plane and she told me to go in and take any seat.

Take any seat? Awesome! (I thought) except all the seats are small and cramped. There were only 20 seats or so total and none really had any legroom, so I had to put my backpack down on the floor in front of the seat and keep my legs folded on top in cross-legged position for the full flight.

The only seat that was available was behind the pilots. There was no door to the navigation area so I got to watch the pilots fly the whole time. It "looked" like a pretty easy task, though I'm sure it's probably not. I'm sure it's all peace and quiet until something goes wrong, so since my flight was pretty easy there wasn't a problem.

It was quite a bumpy ride still, because the plane was so small. I was sitting right by the engine. They gave me some earplugs while I was boarding. That was pretty thoughtful of them.


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